Smart Home

Connected Home Solution

2012-13, Samsung Electronics

User Research, Concept Generation, Wireframe Design

Previous version (Jan '13 CES)

I have designed reponsive UI, communicated with engineers and conducted usability test


Floor Plan Based Control
You can control lights, heaters and power supplies on the floor plan. You can easily understand which icon is for which device in which room.


Monitoring with Mobility
By using robot cleaner, you can remotely monitor everywhere in your house.



Next version (Sep '13 IFA)

I have conducted global user research (Home visiting, interview, quantitive survey worldwide), competitor analysis. I have turned the result into the concept design and UI (mobile & TV)

Widget-like UI
Such as Android widget, you can selectively place and resize each UI modules. This is to reduce complexity and to cover broad range of users.


Control with familiar apps
One of the most frequently used apps is messaging app:Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, ChatOn, etc. Instead of launching SmartHome app, you can control home devices with text and imoticon. When there is an alarm from your house, you will get it via the messaging app.


Do not miss drama when you control
Previous TV UI used whole space, however, we found that users want to continue their watching experience even when they are monitoring & controlling their house. We put this needs to new UI: minimal space and transparent GUI.