New Gmail

Interaction Design for Gmail (Web)

2013, Personal Work

Concept generation, Information Architecture, Prototyping


New Gmail starts with one inconvenience: when users subscribe news letters, they push down more important mails to out of users’ sight. In my case, I was fed the reservation process by Airbnb and had to scroll down and click one to see recent important mails. Rather than categorizing Airbnb’s mail to Social, I suggest following new features for Gmail.


  1. Sender's thumbnail: can easily find senders
  2. Filtered by sender: by clicking sender, user can see every email sent by him/her
  3. Preview by hovering: can see the content without opening the mail
  4. Recent mails from a sender within sight: by dragging down the sender name, you can change one line title to preview of several mails

Tool: Photoshop, Axure