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Garage sale experience design


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In a big city, such as Berlin, it is not easy for sellers to make a place for garage sale because most of them would live in apartments. In a flea market, they could meet more customers, however, they need much effort to carry goods, promote, talk to people and so on. In addition, they need to pay for the place.

Buyers want to see interesting items online before they walk through whole markets.

From these perspectives, I suggest Google Market which enables powerful regional commerce by providing item-based and market-based sale information online.


Post faster

When a seller put images and keywords of an item, this app starts to query Google Shopping those information. Google can search by image and Google Shopping has well-organized product information. This app fills every necessary fields by referring Google Shopping —title, proper price, category, description.  The price will be the average of minimum and maximum of used product prices. Seller just needs to take photos, put keywords, and select one of the search results. Then the app does the others. This feature also allows links to the live reviews of the item.


Find more

Patrick wants to buy a guitar in a flea market. Last time, he bought a bicycle in the flea market and regretted on the way home, because he found a nicer bicycle at the stall across the street. This time he decided to buy a guitar using mobile application. As typing ‘guitar’ and set categories, he can find any related items and markets. All guitars and related markets are ordered by travel time, that helps him to select what to see and  what to buy. On a market page, he can find sellers who are selling guitars. He could contact one to make a deal before the market opens, or just refer their exact stall positions in the large market. He doesn’t have to go around whole stalls and can visit selectively. Finally, he can get the best guitar.


Visual Design