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A day in Athens, 2016

A day in Athens, 2016

Hyunyoung has been challenging to provide better software/hardware interfaces to users.

Majoring computer science in her bachelor's degree, she learned fundamentals of programming languages and software structures. She also accumulated knowledge of hardware as a member of a robotics club.

Inspired by MIT Media Lab, she decided to research on user-friendly interfaces and did master's degree in HCI. She built a gesture recognizing keyboard for her thesis.

As a UX designer at Samsung Electronics South Korea, she learned users and manufacturers' perspectives. She involved in user researches and interaction designs for mobile, tablet and TV.

She is continuing her journey as a Ph.D. student in Grenoble, France, under the supervision of Céline Coutrix and Anne Roudaut. She focuses on shape-changing interfaces and has publications in major conferences (CHI, IHM).